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Shoe Hot Melt Adhesive

Our shoe hot melt adhesive, a kind of EVA hotmelt products, is used for upper to sole bonding, shoe edge folding, accessory gluing, etc. It offers high temperature resistance, bond strength and good elongation. In addition, the hot glue solidifies quickly and is easy to apply. With no solvent, it causes no pollution and is eco friendly.

Our shoe hot melt adhesive comes in many types, including PP-5(A), PP-5E, PP-5G, and PP-P. Unlike hot melt adhesive powder, it is a granular material and is suitable for bonding shoe materials such as PET sheet and counter sheet. In addition to shoe EVA adhesive, we also offer many other types of shoe adhesive, like PUR type, pressure sensitive type, etc.

Specifications of Shoe Hot Melt Adhesive

Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s Operating temperature ℃ Application
PP-5(A) Yellow granule 95±5 24.0 ±5.0/200℃ 160 ~ 200 Shoe toe puff or counters
PP-5E Yellow granule 93±5 15.5 ±2.0/160℃ 130 ~ 180 Shoe toe puff or counters
PP-5G Colorless granule 90±5 25.0 ±5.0/200℃ 160 ~ 200 Shoe toe puff or counters
PP-P Yellow granule 105±5 22.0 ±2/200℃ 180 ~ 200 Shoe toe puff or counters

As a specialized shoe hot melt adhesive manufacturer in China, we at Wanli Adhesion Materials also provide express (parcel) adhesive, textile hot melt adhesive, PU construction glue, rubber roller flushing agent, and more.

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