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Carpet Hot Melt Adhesive

Our carpet hot melt adhesive is mainly designed for polyester or cotton carpets. Applying a small amount of this EVA hot melt adhesive can help fix the yarn of the carpets. Available in small solid flakes, our carpet adhesive has a softening point of 115±5 ℃ and the working temperature is from 150 to 180 ℃. With high water resistance, UV light resistance and great thermal stability, our hot melt glue is a best choice for carpet edge sealing your carpet edge sealing needs.


Model Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s Working temperature ℃ Application
KB-9 115±5 7.5±1.0/160℃ 150 ~ 180 For sealing the edges of knitted carpets

There are many kinds of carpet adhesives and tapes on the market, such as carpet side sealing hot melt adhesive, carpet seaming tape, anti slip hot melt adhesive, and more. Our company, an experienced adhesive manufacturer, can assist customers in selecting reliable, cost effective carpet hot melt adhesives to accommodate their applications.

As a China-based carpet hot melt adhesive manufacturer, we also provide bookbinding hot melt adhesive, appliance PUR hot melt adhesive, hygiene hot melt adhesive, textile water based glue, and much more.

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