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EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

EVA hot melt adhesive is solvent free polymer which doesn't contain water. It is in a solid state at room temperature. When heated, the hot melt adhesive becomes translucent, light brown or white liquid and is tacky. It is mainly based on ethylene and vinyl acetate, with various additives such as tackifier, viscosity modifier, antioxidant, etc.

Depending on their shapes, the hot melt glue products are divided into many types, like hot melt adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive powder, and more. Our company provides customers with EVA hot melt adhesives that are mainly in the shape of solid flakes and granules. Made using qualified materials and sophisticated equipment, our products will meet and exceed customers' expectations. With no pollution, high bonding strength and high melt flow index, our hot glues are easy to apply and widely used in bookbinding, packaging and many other applications.

1. Our EVA hot melt adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry place. The storage period is one year.
2. Cover the hot melt pan closely with a lid, so as to prevent glue properties from being affected by impurities.
3. Avoid long time heating. Heat a proper amount of adhesive and make sure it is all used each time.

As a specialized EVA hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide PUR hot melt adhesive, PU construction glue, water based glue, and PUR flushing agent, among others.

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