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Textile Hot Melt Adhesive

Our textile hot melt adhesive offers high viscosity stability, high initial and final bond strength when used at a proper temperature. In addition, it can maintain good adhesion property under harsh conditions, like high temperature, low temperature, washing, etc. After solidification, the hot melt glue provides good touch feel, high peel strength, good heat resistance and resistance to both dry and wet cleaning. It is suitable for large area sizing. With no solvent and great chemical resistance, PUR hot melt adhesive is nontoxic and causes no pollution during production and usage. Therefore, customers can feel secure in their purchase.

To suit customers' diverse needs, our company provides many types of textile hot melt adhesives, including PUR-639B, PUR-639C, 6417, 6418 and PUR-EB73. The PUR-EB73 PUR adhesive is primarily used for adhesion of various knitted carpets, and other adhesives are suitable for cloth to cloth adhesion and film to cloth adhesion. Our textile hot melt glues now have found countless bonding applications in the medical hygiene, military protective, outdoor sports, and many other fields. Their typical applications include breathable fabrics, carpets, bra, lingerie, life jackets, diving suits, and lifeboats, to name a few.


Model Appearance Melt viscosity cp Open time (affected by temperature, substrate) min Sizing temperature ℃ Application
PUR-639B Water white solid 17000±500/90℃ 5~8 80~110 Providing adhesion between shell fabric and film
PUR-639C Water white solid 8000±500/90℃ 5~8 80~100 Providing adhesion between shell fabric and film
6417 Water white solid 4400±500/130℃ 5 120~140 Providing adhesion between fabric and film
6418 Water white solid 8000±500/90℃ 5~8 80~100 For adhesion of waterproof fabric
PUR-EB73 Water white solid 4400±500/130℃ 5 120~140 For adhesion of various knitted carpets, such as electric carpet, etc.

Our textile hot melt adhesive can be packed in a 200kg, 20kg or 2kg barrel according to customers' requirements.

Thanks to our years of focus on the research of textile adhesion technology, our company can offer customers textile hot melt adhesives that exceed their expectations. Our quality shell fabric adhesive products are suitable for textile sealant and textile lamination purposes.

As a major textile hot melt adhesive manufacturer in China, we also provide hygiene hot melt adhesive, carton sealing hot melt adhesive, glue gun flushing agent, PU construction glue, and much more.

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