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Shoe PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

Our shoe PUR hot melt adhesive offers good bond strength, is temperature and weathering resistant, which can maintain its properties under severe environments. Compared with shoe EVA adhesive, it has lower working temperature, just 130 to 150℃.

Our PUR hot melt adhesive is mainly used for bonding of sports shoe components, such as shoe upper bonding, edge folding, toe part and heel part affixing. As it is very easy to apply, shoe makers can achieve improved productivity.


Appearance Melt viscosity cp Open time (affected by temperature, substrate) min Sizing temperature ℃ Application
Water white solid 6000±500/140℃ 2-3 130~150 For sports shoes

With over twenty years of experience in the adhesive industry, our company has the capacity of developing PUR adhesive and other products according to customers' sizing technique and materials required to be bonded.

Our company is an experienced shoe PUR hot melt adhesive manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products including paper products glue, hygiene hot melt adhesive, bookbinding hot melt adhesive, etc.

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