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Clear Plastic Box Hot Melt Adhesive

Our clear plastic box hot melt adhesive is a solid state PUR adhesive which has short open time, just 2 to 3 minutes. It offers high bond strength, good temperature resistance and weathering resistance. With great transparency and no bubbles, the hot glue is suitable for bonding of various PET clear plastic boxes, such as clear cosmetic box, rigid plastic box, clear plastic gift box, and more.

Specifications of Clear Plastic Box Hot Melt Adhesive

Appearance Melt viscosity cp Open time (affected by temperature, substrate) min Sizing temperature ℃ Application
Water white solid 7000±500/ 140℃ 2-3 130~150 For PET clear plastic boxes

We provide a vast array of hot melt adhesives and glue products, which are widely used in packaging, automotive, shoes, bookbinding, and many other industries. In order to meet customers' quality requirements, we make our products using materials from famous suppliers, such as Dow, Degussa, Hunstman, etc. This, coupled with our constant focus on efficiently distributing resources and reducing waste, enables us to offer our quality adhesives at economical prices.

As a specialized clear plastic box hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China, Wanli Adhesion Materials also provides textile glue, label hot melt adhesive, glue gun flushing agent, furniture hot melt adhesive, and much more.

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