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Appliance PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

With high adhesive property, aging resistance, vibration resistance and weathering resistance, our appliance PUR hot melt adhesive becomes the product of choice for washing machine cover plate, sterilizer cover plate, and other appliance component bonding applications. It especially provides great bond strength to ABS materials, high density board, etc. Containing no volatile organic compounds, our PUR hot melt adhesive is eco friendly and safe to use.


Model Appearance Melt viscosity cp Open time (affected by temperature, substrate) min Sizing temperature ℃ Application
PUR-3061 Water white solid 7000±500/ 120℃ 1~1.5 120~150 The appliance PUR hot melt adhesive is widely used for bonding of washing machine cover plate, sterilizer cover plate, auto interior decoration, etc.
PUR-7520 Water white solid 10000±500/ 100℃ 5~6 100~130 This product can be used for bonding of various metal and plastic parts. It is particularly suitable for partial contact adhesion. When used at a proper temperature, the adhesive offers high viscosity stability and final bond strength.

Our appliance PUR hot melt adhesive is packed in a 200kg, 20kg or 2kg barrel. In addition, it can also be packed in a 300g aluminum tube.

In order to make customers feel secure in their purchase, we offer considerate service, in addition to quality hot melt adhesives and glue products. Within the warranty period, we are responsible for solving product quality problems. In addition, we can develop products according to customers' sizing technique and materials required to be bonded.

As a China appliance PUR hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier, we not only provide PUR hot melt adhesive, but also offer EVA hot melt adhesive, water based glue, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, and more.

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