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PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

PUR hot melt adhesive is mainly based on isocyanate terminated polyurethane prepolymer. Using no water and solvent, it is an eco friendly industrial adhesive. The polyurethane glue offers good resistance to extreme temperatures, water, chemical corrosion and aging. As the molecular structure of PUR hot melt adhesive contains polar, chemically reactive -NHCOO- or -NCO, the adhesive provides great bond strength when applied on materials containing active hydrogen, such as wood, leather, fabric, paper as well as materials with glossy surface, like plastic, glass, rubber, and more.

As an experienced adhesive maker, our company offers a vast variety of quality PUR hot melt adhesives. Fast adhesive melting allows our products to make things stick together firmly within a short time. Compared with similar products, our PUR adhesives have better ink corrosion resistance, peel strength, and viscosity stability. In addition, they can accommodate customers' extensive hot melt adhesive applications, such as packaging adhesive, etc.

In order to help customers to correctly use our PUR hot melt adhesive, here we give some useful information as follows:
1. The adhesive property is easily affected by greasy dirt, dust, and other pollutants, so please ensure the substrate surface is clean and dry.
2. Before use, please clean the production equipment if it hasn't been used for a long time.
3. If you've only used part of the adhesive, please keep the residual part in strictly sealed container for the next use.
4. The hot glue offers a useful life of six months if it is held in the original sealed container.
5. To achieve complete solidification, please make sure the product is placed under proper temperature and humidity conditions after process operation, like 23~25℃, 65% humidity.

Because moisture may result in solidification of the PUR hot melt adhesive and the solidified adhesive can not be melted and cause damage to the equipment, please keep adhesive in a dry, cool place. In addition, avoid exposure to strong sunlight and contact with steam, water and alcohol solvents.

We are a professional PUR hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including PU construction glue, EVA hot melt adhesive, PUR flushing agent and more.

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