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Label Hot Melt Adhesive

Our label hot melt adhesive possesses high initial bond strength and can maintain its adhesion capacity for years. In addition, it has good cold resistance and high peel strength. The pressure sensitive adhesive can form a strong bond almost instantaneously and eliminate falling out, sliding problems. Now our label hot melt adhesive is widely used for various labels, such as trademark labels, security labels, laser labels, etc.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s 180º peel strength N/2.5cm Working temperature ℃ Application
4# Brown, clear 93±5 6.0±1.0/160℃ 16 150 ~ 180 For self adhesive trademark labels
4#--1B Yellow, clear 83±5 3.0±0.8/160℃ ≥20 160 ~ 180 For security labels, laser labels
4#-1C Yellow, clear 93±5 3.0±0.8/160℃ ≥20 160 ~ 180 For security labels, laser labels
4#-1D Light color, clear 95±5 3.5±0.8/160℃ ≥20 160 ~ 180 For security labels, laser labels
403# Yellow, translucent 100±5 8.5±1.5/160℃ 18 150 ~ 170 For top grade labels, security labels, etc., the label hot melt adhesive ensures no penetration for 48 hours at a constant temperature of 60 ℃.
401# Light yellow, clear 80±5 1.5±0.5/160℃ 18 130 ~ 170 For high speed labeling
6118# Light color, clear 7 5±5 1.0±0.5/140℃
130 ~ 170 For high speed labeling

With years of experience in producing adhesives, we now can provide a wide variety of hot melt adhesives and glue products. Our label hot melt glue and other products are available in various specifications and can also be customized as per the specific requirements of customers. Reliable, economical and easy to apply, our products are exported to many countries and regions, like Brazil, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, to name a few.

We are a professional label hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China. we offer a vast range of products including PU construction glue, carton sealing hot melt adhesive, wood floor hot melt adhesive and more.

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