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Tape Hot Melt Adhesive

We offer a wide range of quality tape hot melt adhesives, so as to meet the needs of various tape related applications. Our pressure sensitive hot melt glue is designed to be used for a variety of tapes, such as kraft paper tapes, aluminum foil tapes, foam tapes, fabric tapes, and more.

Our tape hot melt adhesive offers many advantages. For instance, it provides strong initial adhesion and can maintain its holding power in different types of climates. The hot glue ensures no penetration for 48 hours at a constant temperatures of 60 ℃. In addition, the high peel strength allows our product to be used for challenging bonding applications.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s 180º peel strength N/2.5cm Working temperature ℃ Application
301# Yellow, clear 75±5 5.0±1.0/160℃ 16 150 ~ 180 The tape hot melt adhesive is specially used for carton sealing kraft paper tapes.
4#-1E Yellow, clear 105±5 3.5±0.8/160℃ ≥25 150 ~ 180 It is suitable for foam tapes, aluminum foil tapes, PE coated wood strips.
3#-4A Yellowish, clear 80±5 6.0±1.0/160℃
150 ~ 180 The hot glue is used for double faced adhesive tapes, like ordinary double coated foam tapes.
3#-5B White, opaque 85±5 10.0±2.0/160℃ 18 150 ~ 180 It has a strong adhesive holding force with substrates such as paper, fabric, wood substrates.
3#-5C White, opaque 105±5 23.0±5.0/160℃ 18 150 ~ 180 The product is suitable for fabric or cloth tapes.
3#-5D Yellow, clear 80±5 8.0±1.5/160℃ 14 150 ~ 180 It exhibits good adhesion towards fabric, paper, and wood substrates.

Providing high quality and competitively priced tape hot melt adhesive and other industrial adhesives is our goal. Putting to use our years of experience in the field, employing competent technicians, using precise production equipment and the latest production techniques all combine to enable us to achieve this goal.

As an experienced tape hot melt adhesive manufacturer in China, our company provides a wide rang of products, including rubber roller flushing agent, furniture hot melt adhesive, textile hot melt adhesive, and more.

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