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Sticky Trap Hot Melt Adhesive

Our sticky trap hot melt adhesive is a low cost choice for capturing rats, flies and other insects. It allows long drawn out strands and has good resistance to high and low temperatures. In fact, our adhesive for glue traps will not flow in the summer and resist cracking in the winter.

Our sticky trap hot melt adhesive mainly comes in two models, including 421 and 423. The 421 hot glue is further divided into low viscosity type and high viscosity type. Hence, customers can choose our products according to their specific requirements.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s Working temperature ℃ Application
421 (low viscosity) Light color, clear 55±5 0.2±0.05/120℃ 120 ~ 140 The sticky trap hot melt adhesive is applied to sticky trap for mice.
421 (high viscosity) Colorless, clear 70±5 1.5±0.5/120℃ 120 ~ 160 It is applied to rat glue board.
423 Light color, clear 60±5 0.3±0.1/120℃ 120 ~ 160 It is applied to fly paper.

Our company manufactures a wide range of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives that cater to the needs of various sectors and markets. Whether you need an adhesive for hygiene products, labels, tapes, sticky traps for insects, packaging, or others, we have the product for your applications.

Wanli Adhesion Materials is a China-based sticky trap hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier. We also offer wood glue, carpet hot melt adhesive, textile hot melt adhesive, glue gun flushing agent, and more.

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