Shoe Hot Melt Adhesive

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Shoe Hot Melt Adhesive

Our shoe hot melt adhesive is used for bonding of shoe uppers and decorations. Made using quality material and no solvent, the hot glue is nonvolatile and environmentally safe. In addition, it offers high adhesion capacity, good weathering resistance, aging resistance and long functional life.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s Working temperature ℃ Application
5# Light color, translucent 105±10 2.5±0.5/160℃ 140 ~ 160 The shoe hot melt adhesive is used for shoe uppers and decorations.

Our vast experience in the field, dedicated technical engineers, strict quality management as well as our large investment in technology and equipment all help us to ensure the production of high quality hot melt adhesive and other glue products. In addition, our location in Wuxi city, near the port city Shanghai, enables both us and our international customers to save on transportation costs.

We are a specialized shoe hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide PU construction glue, electronic hot melt adhesive, carton sealing hot melt adhesive, wood glue, and much more.

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