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Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive

With the development of the packaging industry, there is an increasing need for packaging adhesives. Our company can provide many types of hot melt adhesives for packaging applications, such as EVA type, PUR type, pressure sensitive type, and more. The packaging hot melt adhesive product shown on this page is a pressure sensitive adhesive which features high initial bond strength and good peel strength. With high weathering resistance, the hot glue can maintain its strong adhesive holding force under severe environments. In addition, our 206D, 203# adhesives achieve no penetration for 48 hours at a constant temperature of 60℃. As a result, our products are widely used for bonding of PET clear box, paper box, paper bag, tea box, and more.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s 180º peel strength N/2.5cm Working temperature ℃ Application
206D Light color, clear 108±5 5.0±1.0/160℃ 30 150 ~ 180 The packaging hot melt adhesive is mainly used for bonding clear PET boxes.
204# Yellow solid flake 85±5 0.7±0.15/160℃
150 ~ 180 It is used in paper bag making.
204B Yellow solid flake 88±5 2.0±0.5/160℃
150 ~ 180 The glue is used in the production of tea boxes and paper bags.
203# Yellow solid flake 120±5 8.2±1.5/180℃
160 ~ 180 It is used for photo album cover steel strap fixing and bonding of auto interior decorations.

As a specialized packaging hot melt adhesive manufacturer in China, our company also offers textile hot melt adhesive, car interior decoration hot melt adhesive, shoe glue, rubber roller flushing agent, and more.

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