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Carpet Anti Slip Glue

There are many types of carpet adhesive on the market, such as carpet anti slip glue, carpet repair glue, and more. Here, we mainly introduce our carpet anti slip glue, which is usually applied to polyester carpets or cotton carpets to fix the yarn and achieve anti slip purpose.

Our carpet anti slip glue offers many great features. For instance, it eliminates adhesive transfer problem and maintains high anti slip performance. With a high softening point of 120±5 ℃, it has good thermal stability, withstands strong sunlight and is non tacky at room temperatures. In addition, the hot melt adhesive is water resistant, allowing repeated washing. It also provides good UV resistance, which helps reduce yellowing.


Model Appearance Softening point ℃ Melt viscosity Pa•s Working temperature ℃ Application
TPR426 Light yellow flake 120±5 3.5±0.5/180℃ 160-190 The carpet anti slip glue is mainly used for indoor carpets and bathroom rugs.

As a China-based carpet anti slip glue manufacturer and supplier, we at Wanli Adhesion Materials also provide bookbinding hot melt adhesive, electronic hot melt adhesive, glue gun flushing agent and PU construction glue.

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