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Wood Glue

Our YH-2 wood glue is a one component water based glue which is used to form a bond between two porous materials. It provides good viscosity, which can be adjusted according to customers' specific requirements. In addition, the wood glue is heat resistance, environmentally safe and can be easily removed with water before curing. To ensure only qualified products reach our customers, our water based wood glue must undergo many tests before delivery, such as glue strength testing.

Appearance: bluish white latex
Viscosity: <100 mPa•s (25 ℃), adjustable
Solid content: 38±1 %
Film forming temperature: ≥5 ℃
Coating weight: 30-40 m²/kg
Storage life: 6 months
Dilution: the wood glue can be diluted with water if necessary.

Operation Conditions
1. Suggest roller coating or brush coating.
2. Use hot press bonding, and the thermal activation temperature should be from 120 to 240 ℃.
3. If needed, mix the water based glue with appropriate curing agent. The recommended weight of curing agent used is 2% of the latex weight. Please use the mixture within 0.5 hour.

To ensure customers rightly store and use our wood glue, we give some suggestions as follows:
1. The product should be stored at 5 to 35 ℃.
2. Ensure the glue is evenly distributed before use. Keep the container closely sealed to prevent glue surface from being dried or polluted.
3. Don't mix it with other different types of adhesives.

The wood glue is one of the indispensable raw materials for furniture makers and building materials companies, like The Home Depot. Our company provides a wide variety of wood glues for customers to choose from, such as EVA hot melt adhesive and PUR hot melt adhesive, in addition to water based glue. To offer customers quality products, we continually introduce advanced production technique and equipment, carefully select suppliers and strictly inspect each procedure of production. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing our products.

As a professional wood glue manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers glue gun flushing agent, label hot melt adhesive, bookbinding hot melt adhesive, clear plastic box hot melt adhesive, and more.

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