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PU Construction Glue

Our WL-8601 PU construction glue is a solvent free two-component structural adhesive based on polyurethane. It is easy to use and cures fast at room temperature. With 60 to 80 Shore D hardness range, the glue provides good impact resistance. In addition, the long open time of 30 to 90 minutes allows easy repositioning of substrates if required. Moreover, our product provides high bond strength, good aging resistance, low temperature resistance and water resistance.

Our PU construction glue has found a great variety of applications in the construction and automotive industries. It is mainly used as a composite panel adhesive for bonding of metal, wood, foam, plastic, glass, ceramic and other materials, such as polyurethane sandwich panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, polystyrene foam board, FRP panel, to name a few.

Specifications of PU Construction Glue

Item Main agent A Curing agent B
Appearance White latex Dark brown liquid
Density g/cm3 1.56 1.24
Solid content 100% 100%
Viscosity mPa•s 35000 ± 5000 200 ± 50
Shear strength at room temperature (aluminum-aluminum) MPa ≥ 8
Shore D hardness 60-80
Open time (adjustable) 30-90 mins
Tack free time (adjustable) 4 hours
Working temperature -40-70 ℃
Coating weight g/m2 150-250 (depending on the specific application)

Use Method
1. Add the main agent and curing agent in the proportion of 5:1. After they are thoroughly mixed, use the mixture immediately. Please consult our technicians about special proportion.
2. Ensure the substrates are dry and clean, with no oil or dust.
3. Apply the PU construction glue evenly to the substrate.
Note: Avoid contact with skin, and keep the work place well ventilated.

Packing and Storage
1. Our glue is packed in a barrel with a capacity of 20kg.
2. Keep the container closely sealed and place it in a cool dry place.
3. The storage life is 6 months.

As a specialized PU construction glue manufacturer based in China, Wanli Adhesion Materials also supplies PUR flushing agent, EVA hot melt adhesive, water based glue, PUR hot melt adhesive, and much more.

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Other Products
    1. Glue Gun Flushing AgentOur JL-CA101 glue gun flushing agent is mainly used to clean the glue gun nozzle and hose after the use of polyurethane hot melt adhesive. Unlike ordinary cleaning solution, it is in the shape of light blue solids, with specific gravity of 0.9 g/cm3 and viscosity of 3000 to 4000 cP.s. In addition, it has higher working temperature, from 130 to 160 ℃, compared with cold cleaning agent.
    1. Rubber Roller Flushing AgentAt 130 to 160 ℃, evenly scatter the flushing agent on the surface of rubber paint roller to melt the uncured PUR adhesive, and the melted adhesive in a liquid state will drop. Please repeated clean the rubber roller according to the amount of the residual glue.
      Place a container under the rubber roller to take drops in so as to avoid influence on equipment.