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About Us

Wuxi Wanli Adhesion Materials Company is an experienced adhesive manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Our major products include EVA hot melt adhesive, PUR hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, water based glue, PU construction glue, and PUR flushing agents. Our products are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials in bookbinding, woodworking, packaging, shoe making, labeling, automotive, printing, furniture manufacturing, and many other industries.

Our two decades of experience in the adhesive field, dedicated technical engineers, quality raw materials from famous suppliers, and strict quality management, as well as our large investments in updating technology and production facilities, enable us to manufacture hot melt adhesives, water based glues, and PU construction glues that help customers to improve their efficiency and reduce costs.

Since our foundation, we have continually striven to combine our quality products with considerate service, in order to deliver value-adding solutions to our worldwide customers. If needed, we will provide free product samples to our customers to test, for just the cost of shipping. We can also develop our carton sealing hot melt adhesive, hygiene hot melt adhesive, and other glue products according to customers' specific application technique and materials required to be bonded. Therefore, customers can feel secure in purchasing from us.

Our company is located in Wuxi city, near the port city of Shanghai. Convenient transportation here enables both us and our international customers to save on transportation costs, making our quality adhesive products more economical.

Main Products
    1. Bookbinding Hot Melt AdhesiveOur bookbinding hot melt adhesive offers many advantages. The lack of water and solvent allows hot melt to attain high bonding strength quickly and produce no pollution. In addition, low melt viscosity and high melt flow index contribute to high bookbinding speed. Moreover, our hot glue is resistant to ink corrosion, high and low temperatures, so books bound with it can be used in many parts of the world.
      Our bookbinding hot melt adhesive is a perfect binding hot melt that is widely used in the manufacturing of books.
    1. Carton Sealing Hot Melt AdhesiveOur company provides a vast range of hot melt adhesives to accommodate customers' diverse applications. Our carton sealing hot melt adhesive features high bond strength and high stability at high and low temperatures. In addition, it is easy to use and can be directly applied on paper packaging products. Now our EVA hotmelt is widely used in applications such as carton packaging, beverage suction tube sticking, paper bag edge sealing, film precoating, and more.