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Main Products
    1. Furniture Hot Melt AdhesiveOur company provides several types of furniture EVA adhesive, such as edge banding hot melt adhesive and profile wrapping hot melt adhesive. The edgebanding glue can be used with automatic, semi automatic and manual edge banding machines. It is suitable for edge banding of PVC, ABS, PP, veneers on plywood board, particle board, block board, fiberboard, fireproof board, etc. The profile wrapping adhesive can be used in wrapping or coating fiberboard, solid wood board and fireproof board profiles with PVC film, OPP film, paper material, wood material, and so on.
    1. Textile Hot Melt AdhesiveOur textile hot melt adhesive offers high viscosity stability, high initial and final bond strength when used at a proper temperature. In addition, it can maintain good adhesion property under harsh conditions, like high temperature, low temperature, washing, etc. After solidification, the hot melt glue provides good touch feel, high peel strength, good heat resistance and resistance to both dry and wet cleaning. It is suitable for large area sizing. With no solvent and great chemical resistance, PUR hot melt adhesive is nontoxic and causes no pollution during production and usage.