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Our hot melt adhesives offer many great properties, such as high bond strength, easy application, and good temperature and weathering resistance. With no organic solvent, our products are nontoxic, nonvolatile, and pollution free, so they are friendly to both the environment and people.

In order to meet customers' quality requirements, we make our carpet hot melt adhesive, shoe PUR hot melt adhesive, packaging glue, and other products using materials from well-respected suppliers, such as Dow, Degussa,Hunstman, etc. Over the past two decades, our dedicated technicians have worked tirelessly to continually improve our water based glues. In addition, we use the Moody ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system to improve our operations and management, which also contributes to the production of our quality PU construction glue and PUR flushing agents.

Our efficient raw material inventory management, consistent focus on reducing waste through improvement of production processes, and use of high performance and efficient production equipment, aid us in effectively utilizing resources and increasing efficiency. Therefore, we can provide quality EVA hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, and water based glue at economical prices. Now our hygiene hot melt adhesive, carpet anti slip glue, wood glue, and other products are exported to many countries and regions, such as Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Iran, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Chile, and Singapore, among others.

Our company is a professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer PUR hot melt adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive, PU construction glue, PUR flushing agent, and more.