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In addition to high quality hot melt adhesives and water based glues, customers can also expect considerate services from us. If needed, we will provide samples to our customers to test, for just the cost of shipping. Backed by our experienced technicians, we can develop adhesive products according to customers' specific application technique and materials required to be bonded. In addition, our helpful staff will work to help customers to use our products properly. Moreover, we are responsible for solving product quality problem within the agreed warranty period. Therefore, customers can feel secure in purchasing from us.

As a professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers EVA hot melt adhesive, PUR hot melt adhesive, water based glue, PUR flushing agent, and much more.

Main Products
    1. Bookbinding Hot Melt AdhesiveOur bookbinding hot melt adhesive offers many advantages. The lack of water and solvent allows hot melt to attain high bonding strength quickly and produce no pollution. In addition, low melt viscosity and high melt flow index contribute to high bookbinding speed. Moreover, our hot glue is resistant to ink corrosion, high and low temperatures, so books bound with it can be used in many parts of the world.
      Our bookbinding hot melt adhesive is a perfect binding hot melt that is widely used in the manufacturing of books.
    1. Tape Hot Melt AdhesiveOur tape hot melt adhesive offers many advantages. For instance, it provides strong initial adhesion and can maintain its holding power in different types of climates. The hot glue ensures no penetration for 48 hours at a constant temperatures of 60 ℃. In addition, the high peel strength allows our product to be used for challenging bonding applications.
      We offer a wide range of quality tape hot melt adhesives, so as to meet the needs of various tape related applications.